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Spydus Library Management System

As a society we want to be connected to the rest of the world. We want to learn more about everything. We want all the answers.

In our ‘time poor’ society, people will increasingly turn to libraries to find those
answers. The need for expert assistance to source the constantly expanding, vast knowledge pool will grow and grow.

C ustomers, staff and stakeholders are using the Internet more and more as the first point of call for information. We research purchases, check locations for meetings and look up phone numbers online. Traditional tasks such as paying bills and communicating with family and friends, we complete online.

People have come to expect and indeed demand, the ease and convenience of   online services and they expect to access the services of the library in the same manner. Libraries must provide them with the flexibility to find, reserve and collect information and materials at the time and place of choice.

CMI has provided total solutions to libraries for 27 years. Drawing on our extensive experience of delivering library management solutions around the world, Spydus helps libraries achieve improved service standards and greater efficiency. It is designed around the core objectives of convenience, knowledge and manageability to deliver high quality, easily accessible services.

In the future, CMI will help libraries deliver information in multiple formats, languages and locations via new, innovative information delivery mechanisms , while continually improving the support and delivery of vital, traditional library services.

For further information please contact CMI at librarysales@civicacmi.com

  • Consortia solutions that allow sharing while retaining individuality

  • Practical, easy to use web services for patrons

  • Improvement of traditional library functions

  • Complete turnkey RFID system integration

  • A managed services solution option available